CSDC works on education, health & sanitation, cultural development, science & information technology, press & publication, women-welfare, rehabilitation, library movement etc. Its initiatives in such sectors proceed in the following ways -
- Generating knowledge through in-depth research and analysis and dissemination of knowledge to the concerned people;
- Creating social awareness leading to build a cultured and healthy nation, i.e. awareness regarding health, mother & child care, children`s education, arsenic, drugs, smoking, etc;
- Organizing seminars-symposia & workshops to bridge the views of private sector and the policy makers;
- Contributing policy inputs to the principal decision makers on the basis of research and seminar outputs;
- Publishing regular news magazines on education and youth development issues;
- Capacity building for youth specially relating to information technology, printing and publication;
- Generating easy- to -access data to facilitate quality life and knowledge dissemination;
- Initiating programmes for rehabilitation of distressed people, helping the women, etc;
- Improving the quality of people by library movement.
- To build and accelerate self confidence among people through programmes like meditation, mind control, etc.

Ongoing Programs

Dynamic Computer Training: This program is running regularly since 2004 to establish transparency, accountability & good governance in the society by expanding computer technology. More than 4000 students have been trained in computer at free of cost. In addition they have received training on hardware-software & troubleshooting.
English & Smartness Course for Leadership: As English is an international language and it has its own importance, Campus has launched this dynamic program to build smart & global youth generation. In this course both speaking & writing capacities of the participants are enhanced and they become skilled in English language.
Apprenticeship Program: In order to develop skill and practical knowledge among students & youths, Campus has initiated this Program. The philosophy of the program is `earn while you learn; increase smartness, honesty, sincerity, leadership, matching capacity & perfectionism in life`. Under this program students can take part in skill developing activities on a part time basis.
Social Awareness Program: Campus works to build a developed country, free of corruption & terrorism by enhancing social awareness. Under this program, Campus publishes & distributes a wide variety of stickers, desk slips, leaflets, banners, festoons etc., which bear attractive slogans on diverse issues. Campus regularly publishes its yearly calendar, which includes a number of messages to raise social awareness on education & youth development. Millions of stickers containing valuable messages, both in English & Bangla, are printed and distributed by Campus in various public places (including government & private offices) throughout Bangladesh.
Digital Young Star Award: Campus has initiated the program to build a digital & modern Bangladesh. In this program students & youths get various training to be modern & enlightened persons and eventually they become Digital Young Stars. Successful & talented Young Stars are awarded with computers & laptops.
Proactive & Positive Attitude Program: The way to achieve success in any situation is to be a person with Proactive & Positive Attitude. Campus regularly arranges free seminars to guide students & youths the process of becoming confident, proactive & positive. Thus Campus is building talented citizens for future.
Campus Honesty Award & Honesty Inspiring Program: This program aims to establish equity, balance & social justice by recognizing honest & sincere persons of the society and cornering dishonest & corrupt. To fulfill this motto honest people are selected with specific & widely accepted rules and they are awarded ceremoniously.
Campus Research Cell: To develop an economically solvent and prosperous nation by the year 2020 Campus Research Cell is conducting various research studies. This cell is working on various national development issues and has already developed 2 models for sustainable growth of Bangladesh; i) Union-based Modern Development Model to Solve all National Problems; ii) Area-wise Schooling Model: a single solution to all the problems including traffic jam, dropout, wastage of time-energy-money & inequality in educational opportunities.
The University Campus: In order to ensure quality education at all levels, CSDC is continuing with the publication of a specialized newsmagazine, namely The University Campus. This is the first & leading regular magazine on education & youth development in Bangladesh, which has been published since 1984. The principal aim of this publication is to overcome the derangement & decay of the education system of Bangladesh and mainly to ensure the development of terrorism-free & disciplined educational institutions by identifying academic & administrative weakness of those institutions on various issues.
Campus Dialogue Platform: This program organizes dialogues to discuss & exchange views on contemporary & nationally important issues. Different seminars & dialogues are organized and recommendations are communicated to the policy makers to help them implement various programs and achieve goals of the nation.
Scholarship & Relief activities: Under this program, Campus raises specialized & dedicated funds to finance the following activities- i) To help meritorious poor students to support their study. ii) To highlight & honour those quiet & publicity-averse people, who are working for development of quality education. iii) To honour the scholars for their exceptional contribution on academic issues. iv) To provide income generating support to the distressed people whose valuables are destructed by natural calamities like flood, cyclone etc. A separate bank account has been opened for the sake of transparency & accountability of this program.
Campus Publications: Campus publishes books on improving thought power & creativity, leading healthy life, improving talents of children & youths, sensitizing nation on optimistic ideas etc. High quality & creative books of Campus Gyanmela Series have already won the hearts of the readers.
Free workshop on Digital Society: Campus regularly arranges free workshops on Digital Society to provide youths with clear understanding of ways to achieve efficiency, transparency & accountability by utilizing information technology. In this way they become ideal citizens of the Digital Bangladesh. This program also includes Free Workshops on Hardware-Software and Troubleshooting.
Campus Library: Campus is dedicated to build a knowledge based society and enlightened nation by inspiring students & youths to achieve the habit of reading books of different authors other than academic texts. Campus has its own library in Campus office, which contains more than seven thousand books.
Campus Cultural Team: This Team works for promoting national culture & heritage. Various innovative cultural programs are organized to sensitize people against social injustice, corruption & terrorism through music, dance, recitation. This inspires participants to become vocal against these unfair practices.
Campus Associate Forum: This forum inspires the youths in patriotism and to create opportunities for participating in development activities. By joining this Forum young people get the chance to improve their skills, knowledge, smartness and vision about life. They also receive pocket-money from Campus.
Web-portal on Education & Daily Needs: This is the first ever web portal of Bangladesh developed by Campus IT. This database contains information of 72 thousand educational institutions of Bangladesh. This portal also contains various necessary information of daily life for different professionals and age groups.
Free Chinese Language Course: This program is meant for teaching Chinese language, so that the participants can prosper by utilizing opportunities of rising economic power of China. Knowledge of Chinese enables one to establish trade and investment relations with China as well as get employment there.
Campus Education Award: This program aims to modernize education system and ensure quality education by creating healthy competition among educational institutions. With well-defined rules & criteria 3 best universities and 1 best VC, education entrepreneur & administrator will be rewarded yearly.
Campus Health Service: For a healthy generation this service is inspiring all to develop a habit to take herbal & natural food & medicine and avoid chemical adulterated food. This program also encourages regular physical exercise & health check up to remain healthy for at least 100 years.
Free Joint Meditation: This is a regular program of Campus to build self-confidence among people and to help them becoming Superior Human Beings. Meditation sessions are arranged at free of cost in Campus Auditorium at 4-30 pm of every first & third Saturdays of the month. Campus also offers longer Meditation Course.
Free Yoga: Campus believes that youths & students with sound & healthy mind & body can relentlessly & efficiently work for better Bangladesh. To build such citizens Yoga sessions are regularly organized at free of cost.
Free Acupressure & Reflexology Program: With the motto of `Be Your Own Doctor` Campus regularly conducts this program, where renowned experts deliver lectures & give hands on training on various techniques.
Free Reiki & Apitherapy Program: Campus is conducting this program as an effort to aware to all about the benefits of scientific & easy natural practices & treatments. Under this program various seminars & exercise sessions are arranged on different types of natural remedies such as reiki & apitherapy.

Future plan

Free Training on laws & regulations for daily life: CSDC will provide training on English language, specially, on spoken English. Moreover, training will be given on necessary laws & regulations for daily life.
Free Counseling Service for Students & Youths: To help the frustrated, depressed, jobless, unruly students and youths, Campus is taking initiatives to provide counseling service, so that they can overcome their negative attitude and become productive & healthy citizens of the nation.
Building Information Center in Rural Areas of Bangladesh: Such center will contain various information on proper cultivation method, seeds & fertilizer, price of agricultural commodities, agriculture technology, weather, health and sanitation, disaster management etc. This initiative will create opportunities for the rural people to get updated information through internet, which will modernize rural livelihood.
Making Documentaries and free exhibition: To raise awareness on education, health & sanitation, agriculture, acid violence, drug abuse, violence against women & children, corruption, terrorism, human rights and many such issues, documentary films will be made and exhibited free of cost mainly to rural people.