Dynamic Computer Training: All About

Campus has regularly been organizing the Dynamic Computer Training Program since 2004. In this program insolvent and meritorious students and youths get the opportunity to learn computer free of cost. Under this program, about 3,000 persons have been trained in 98 batches till January 2010. Both male & female students from schools, colleges & universities; housewives, small service holders, unemployed youths, retired citizens have received training. This program offers both theoretical and practical knowledge on computer operations.
The participants of the Dynamic Computer Training Program are motivated to the philosophy of positive attitude towards life. During the computer training, trainees are encouraged with the philosophy to `delete` bad thoughts from their brain and `insert` good thoughts in it, just as computer can `delete` and `insert` information.
Now-a-days, computer skill has become essential for achieving a successful and easy life. Knowledge of computer improves the efficiency of employed people while acts as a necessary qualification for unemployed ones. Computer skills expand scopes of getting a job and thus enable unemployed persons to move out of the clutch of unemployment and poverty. Difference between a person having computer skill and the one lacking this skill is quite evident. Therefore, computer skill is a must for modern youths.
In the current state of development, Bangladesh needs larger number of skilled people. Computer education can help to develop such manpower. Bangladesh may fall behind many of the neighboring countries because of the lack of adequate manpower with computer skills. In this age of globalization, sustainable development of Bangladesh depends to a greater extent on how far we can make our manpower linked with the world development path. For that goal, we need easy access to computer education for all. Moreover, those who remain at home, specially, women can become connected with the whole world through computer, e-mail, net-phone, instant message etc. In a least developed country like Bangladesh, a large number of people do not possess the financial ability to buy or learn computer. Thus, the Dynamic Computer Training Program of Campus has opened a window of opportunity for the insolvent youths to learn computer free of cost.

Overview of Existing Dynamic Computer Training Program of Campus
Dynamic Computer Training Program of Campus was initiated in 2004 to provide a 4-week course on basic computer knowledge and operations. There are both theory and practical classes. The topics covered in the course include history of computer, knowledge on computer hardware, different applications of word processing, internet and e-mail. For every batch Campus organizes at least 2 seminars where the trainees get chance to meet renowned personalities. Initially there was one batch (15 to 20 persons) per month. To meet the increasing demand, the program has started to offer training to 2 batches per month since the beginning of 2006.
In addition to the basic training course, Campus has recently started Free Advanced Computer Training Program on a pilot basis where, only the selected trainees with good results in the basic course get chance to learn advanced topics on computer like excel, graphics designing etc.
The cost of the existing program is mainly maintained by the financial and computer donations from various organizations and persons. Such organizations include different private universities, banks, business organizations, expatriate Bangladeshis and so on. Recently a France-based NGO, named SOLINFO has donated some computers for this training program.
The trainees, who join the Dynamic Computer Training Program, also participate in the Free Joint Meditation Program of Campus, which helps to develop self-confidence and positive attitude towards life. Selected trainees also take part in various activities under the Apprenticeship Program of Campus. Thus the trainees of the Dynamic Computer Training Program not only get opportunity to learn computer, but also get chance to build themselves for a successful future.

Towards the Future
After 6 years of successful implementation of the Dynamic Computer Training Program, it is felt by Campus that continuation of the existing program is very much necessary for the insolvent and meritorious students. Though an introductory course is immensely important for connecting people with the vast world of computer literacy, it is not enough for those who really want to build their career in the field of information technology. Therefore, advanced courses like Microsoft Excel, Graphics Designing, Computer Maintenance etc are needed. Moreover, the advanced course needs to be organized on a regular basis. Campus will proceed towards fulfilling these needs of the time.

At last
Campus believes that philosophically enlightened, educated, honest and healthy citizens are sine qua non for the development of Bangladesh. We are committed to work hard to build such a nation. Campus is devoted to build a knowledge and justice-based society in Bangladesh. We, the Campus people, have proved our capacity and devotion in the last 25 years. Now we need support to increase our capability to help the nation. We hope to receive continued support & co-operation from those who care for education & youth development. Extend your helping hands to the insolvent youths of Bangladesh, who need your support to change their own lives and the future of Bangladesh. So help Campus to help the nation.