At A Glance

Campus Social Development Center (CSDC), in short `Campus`, is a non-government, non-political & non-profit organization committed to achieve a knowledge-based, just, culturally developed and economically self-reliant society in Bangladesh. Education & youth development remain at the core of Campus initiatives. This social organization embarked in association with a number of innovative members of civil society and is run by a group of educated, skilled and energetic young citizens. CSDC has been established with the aim of bringing dynamism and expansion in the activities of its mother organization, The University Campus, which had been working for social and youth development since 1984. CSDC is registered under the Ministry of Social Welfare of Bangladesh Government. Multi-dimensional activities of CSDC are destined to build a nation enriched with enlightened and cultured citizens. It is devoted to enhance quality of education in Bangladesh by identifying relevant problems and possible solutions. At the same time, it helps the students directly to develop their educational and cultural aptitudes. It has multipurpose-training program to train the young generation on various practical skills. It also nourishes patriotism among people, especially among the young generation. Campus works as a bridge among students, policy-makers and employers. It organizes open dialogue on various education & social issues where the policy-makers and different stakeholders freely exchange views to reach meaningful conclusions. Under the social awareness program of Campus, it prints and distributes posters, stickers, desk slips, leaflets, calendar etc. containing valuable messages. It also operates relief and rehabilitation program to help the distressed people. In addition to fulltime regular jobs, Campus offers part-time jobs for students in the field of IT, journalism, office management, marketing etc.

To create a knowledge-based, just society as well as an enlightened nation.

> Practice truth & justice in all spheres of life;
> Exercise democracy at personal, social and national levels;
> Respect the rights of others;
> Continuous practice of knowledge and logical behavior;
> Lead a simple life, free from lust, pride, jealousy and encourage others to do so;
> Perform according to beliefs; practice to keep promises;
> Spark the light of knowledge and experience at all spheres of the society.

> Ensure quality education at all education strata;
> Mobilize people against corruption to establish social justice;
> Raise awareness on science and technology in day to day life;
> Provide free training on computer & IT to build efficient & modern workforce;
> Build superior human beings and enlightened nation; mobilize people to overcome frustration & negative thoughts, at the same time develop proactive & positive attitude;
> Establish accountability and transparency in all spheres of the society by organizing open dialogues and developing debates on different issues;
> Build a healthy nation and productive workforce by generating health awareness among people; > Work for distressed, ill-fated and poor people;
> Encourage people to acquire and search for knowledge; provoke students & youths towards logical behavior.

Ongoing Programs
Social Awareness Program: CSDC believes that many of our social problems can be eradicated if people are aware of those problems and are motivated to fight against those. CSDC is, therefore, generating awareness among people on various social issues. More than two decades ago, its mother organization, University Campus, identified a number of critical national problems and started to work in their remedies. These problems include, adopting unfair-means in examination, smoking, hartal, corruption, bribery and terrorism. In the mean time, success has been achieved in movements against smoking and unfair-means in examination. Incidences of hartal and bribery have also come down. In light of these successes, CSDC continues with its previous awareness campaigns and has initiated new awareness campaigns to make people aware of problems arising out of decrease in arable land by land-dividers and to encourage people to work for free, fair and effective national election.
Under the social awareness program, CSDC publishes and distributes a wide variety of stickers, desk slips, leaflets, posters, banners, festoons etc., which bear attractive slogans on diverse issues. Campus regularly publishes its yearly calendar, which includes a number of messages to raise social awareness on education & youth development. Millions of stickers containing valuable messages, both in English & Bangla, are printed and distributed by Campus. Young activists of Campus stick & distribute these in various public places (including government & private offices) and in residential areas throughout Bangladesh.
Dynamic Computer Training: Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is the most vital sector in the present world, which is a massive area of employment generation and facilitator of economic development. Therefore, Campus has been giving Dynamic Computer Training to meritorious and insolvent students and unemployed youths. Upto September 2009, more than 2300 participants in 94 batches have got basic computer training. Simultaneously, advanced course has already been started.
A separate bank account has been opened for the sake of transparency and accountability of this program (Bank A/C name: Free Computer Training; A/C no. 1837/4, Agrani Bank, National Press Club Branch, Dhaka-1000).
Apprenticeship Program: In order to develop skills and practical knowledge among students and youths, CSDC has initiated the Apprenticeship Program. Under this program students can take part in skill developing activities on a part time basis. The philosophy behind this program is "earn while you learn". Activities under this program include data collection, data entry, data management, reporting and official writing, office management, graphics design, printing and publication process, marketing, social work, etc.
News Magazine: In order to ensure quality education at all levels, CSDC is continuing with the publication of a specialized newsmagazine, namely The University Campus, which was a unique initiative of its mother organization University Campus. This is the first & leading regular magazine on education and youth development in Bangladesh, which has been published since 1984 with the joint efforts of students, teachers and intellectuals. The principal aim of this publication is to overcome the derangement and decay of the education system of Bangladesh and mainly to ensure the development of terrorism-free and disciplined educational institutions by identifying academic and administrative weakness of those institutions on various issues.
Web-portal on Education & Daily Needs: This project is a unique initiative of Campus, which aims to serve people by providing them with a vast range of information on education and day to day needs. This is a huge searchable web-portal (, where the browsers can find information to satisfy their queries on almost every sector of daily life. This portal is divided into three major categories: a) Education Chapter, which includes database on educational institutions of Bangladesh, scholarships, foreign education, essentials for teachers & students etc.; b) Daily Needs Chapter, which is a multi -sector database to meet information-needs of daily life; and c) Special Chapter, which contains important options like jobs, gents` corner, women`s corner, senior citizens and so on. This web-portal operates under Campus Information Center, which is dedicated to serve people by collecting, storing and disseminating information on education. In future, collected education-data will be disseminated in the form of CD. Also Campus will publish `Database Encyclopedia` on education sector.
Campus Health Service: Health awareness program of CSDC is based on the philosophy of `prevention is better than cure`. It has been working to mobilize people for using herbal medicines in stead of chemical medicines; for taking plant-based food rather than meat products. Every year government makes huge allocation for health service. Such expenses can be saved by creating health awareness to a mass scale. It will also lessen family expenses for health-care and sufferings of people to attend sick relatives. Therefore, Campus distributes various stickers on health awareness and organizes workshops on the same. Moreover, Campus is motivating people for computer-based health check-ups, namely, Computer Meridian Diagnostic (CMD) facility. This is a diagnostic system that gives analysis of the present state of a person`s health by taking information painlessly from finger tips. This helps to detect any possible disease in an early stage and thus helps to maintain a healthy body and an active long life.
Campus Dialogue Platform: Campus has a permanent Dialogue Platform to hold seminars, symposia and open dialogue on educational, social, cultural, IT-related or other sensational and important issues. The main objective of this Dialogue Platform is to create an environment, where the people can participate and speak freely on a topic.
Campus Library: In the light of long experience in printing and publication, the Campus felt that there is no alternative to a library to spread knowledge among people to a larger extent and to build a knowledge-based nation. Specially, in the remote areas where internet and other publication sources are not available, library is the most important and effective source of acquiring knowledge on various issues. The project of Campus Library was initiated with the aim of encouraging library movement among the nation. At the moment, there is one library in Dhaka under this project, which contains books on various subjects -academic, political, novels, history & culture, research works, journals etc. Campus has a plan to establish one branch of Campus Library in each district of Bangladesh. Campus is also taking initiative to start a mobile library.
Campus Research Cell: Campus Research Cell (CRC) aims at taking research initiatives mainly in the field of education, youth development, employment generation and poverty alleviation. This cell is formed to conduct independent research on burning social issues. Since its emergence in 1984, Campus has closely been monitoring the education sector of Bangladesh and documenting various news on problems and prospects of this sector. In due course, it has also developed a wide network of information and exchange of views with renowned educationists, educational administrators, entrepreneurs and policy-makers. Campus research cell consists of several renowned educationists and researchers as well as a group of meritorious and energetic young researchers. The research team of Campus includes Prof. Md. Siraj Uddin; Dr. Abdul Hye Mondal; Dr. Nazneen Ahmed; Principal Naziruddin Ahmed; M. Helal, Shariff M. Hossain; Engr. Istiaq Ahmed & others.

Some recent research outputs of Campus Research Cell-
i) Union-based Modern Development Model for Bangladesh to Solve all National Problems;
ii) Area-wise Schooling: a single solution to all the problems including traffic jam, dropout, wastage of time- energy- money and inequality in educational opportunities;
iii) Problems and prospects of private universities in Bangladesh.
Campus Cultural Team: When the society is engulfed with crime, leaders lose their human values, country falls into corruption and administration fails to control the deteriorating situation, cultural movements can provide a guideline to the nation. We believe, the cultural activities are not only for recreation but also for creating awareness against unruly activities, unethical behavior etc. Poems, meaningful songs and music, humanitarian literature etc. work as weapon against the aforesaid undesirable activities. In that context, Campus has initiated a cultural movement to uphold our cultural heritage at home and abroad.
Scholarship & Relief activities: Under this program, Campus raises specialized and dedicated funds to finance the following activities:
i) To help meritorious poor students who fail to obtain fund from others to support their study.
ii) To highlight and honour those quiet and publicity-averse people, who are working for development of quality education. Even quality educational institutes will be honoured.
iii) To honour the scholars for their exceptional contribution on academic issues.
iv) To provide income generating support to the distressed people whose valuables are destructed by natural calamities like flood, cyclone etc.
A separate bank account has been opened for the sake of transparency and accountability of this program (name of A/C: Campus scholarship-relief-jakat activities; A/C no. SB-134001 39224, Social Investment Bank Ltd. Principal Branch, Dilkusha, Dhaka-1000).
Free Meditation & Yoga Program: For building self-confidence among people and to help them overcoming frustrations, CSDC regularly organizes weekly meditation and relaxation program free of cost. Campus also provides training on articulated speaking.
Campus Honesty Award: To encourage honest & sincere people working in various segments of society, Campus has started a program of distributing Honesty Award. Already a number of distinguished persons including justice, vice chancellors, leading journalists, bankers and other professionals have given written consent to be a member of the high level selection committee. Letters have been sent to all ministries and directorates to send the names of nominated honest people from their respective arena.

Future plan
Free Training on English Language and laws & regulations for daily life: CSDC will provide training on English language, specially, on spoken English. Moreover, training will be given on necessary laws & regulations for daily life. Free Counselling Service for Students & Youths: To help the frustrated, depressed, jobless, unruly students and youths, Campus is taking initiatives to provide counseling service, so that they can overcome their negative attitude and become productive & healthy citizens of the nation.
Building Information Center in Rural Areas of Bangladesh: Such center will contain various information on proper cultivation method, seeds & fertilizer, price of agricultural commodities, agriculture technology, weather, health and sanitation, disaster management etc. This initiative will create opportunities for the rural people to get updated information through internet, which will modernize rural livelihood.
Making Documentaries and free exhibition: To raise awareness on education, health & sanitation, agriculture, acid violence, drug abuse, violence against women & children, corruption, terrorism, human rights and many such issues, documentary films will be made. These documentaries will be exhibited free of cost mainly to rural people.

CSDC is governed by a number of innovative & resourceful personalities of Bangladesh. It has a General Body to formulate plans, which are to be implemented by an Executive Committee (EC). Decisions are taken in a transparent way through consultation with concerned persons both at management level & staff level. It follows the system of consultative management. Besides, it has strong Advisory Council and Patrons Council for proper guidance & advice, whenever necessary.

Work Force
To pursue its regular activities efficiently, CSDC has working divisions for press and publications, information technology, research, public relation, marketing, accounts and finance. It has an efficient administration & internal audit system. Moreover, for particular projects CSDC employs temporary staffs. Both male and female employees are working here. The work force of Campus is habituated in healthy and scientific lifestyle and logical behavior. They are determined to pursue honesty & justice and religious practices. They are even ready to accept any punishment or pay a toll as a penalty for lying about office matters.

Legal status and Registered Address
CSDC is registered under the Ministry of Social Welfare with registration no DA-07874. Moreover its speaker the University Campus got registration from the Government since its inception. CSDC is situated at - Meherba Plaza (Floor 12), 33 Topkhana Road, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh. Tele:+88-02-9550055 & 9560225; Fax: +88-02-7174270; e-mail:; Web:

And at last
We believe that philosophically enlightened, educated, honest and healthy citizens are sine qua non for the development of Bangladesh. We are committed to work hard to build such a nation. In pursuit of our programs, we hope to receive continued support & co-operation from those who care for education & youth development and those who dream to achieve a Bangladesh adorned with greater number of skilled & quality people.
You may join Campus activities in any or all of the following three ways-
1. You may use CSDC as a platform to realize your ideas for a particular social service.
In that case you can suggest and finance the work and we can do it at your behest;
2. You may select any or some of our activities and contribute accordingly;
3. You may become a Patron-member of CSDC by contributing minimum amount of money.