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Lesson: Essential words for practicing

Subject + Do
Not + To + (Do)
WH + To + (Do)
(Do) + ing

Cosmetic + (do) + ing or Cosmetic + not + (do) + ing
Cosmetic + Person (me, us, you, you, him, her, them, it)
Cosmetic + WH word
WH + ever, WH + non verb
Cosmetic + Right + (doing)
(my, our, your, your, his, her, their, its)

Everything / Nothing + (doing) / (done) / non-verb, Having + (Done)
Being + (Done) / Non-Verb

Without being + (Done) / Non-Verb
Having been / Without having been + (Done) / Non-Verb

(Imperative), You (Do), Let me (do), (Comparison) (Conditional)
Face to Face Discussion

Tell about yourself / Self Introduction

One word Prepositions used in English
Two or Three word Prepositions used in English

Use of to be or verb to be in the sentences
Use of It to tell the time, Use of introductory `It

-Course conducted by Mr. M G Kibria