Future Programs of Campus

Establish Public Training and Media Center in every Union of the country
Such centers will be equipped with modern facilities to train the illiterate & poorly-educated people, to transform certified students & youths into qualified ones and to build creative nation. This center will work for improving physical & mental health of citizen. This will also motivate people to practice positive attitude towards life, to learn their legal rights, to practice discipline & honesty in everyday life. An outline of such centers has been given in the model of Campus ‘Permanent Solution of all National Problems’ (www.campus.org.bd/model).
Countrywide adoption of Online & Multi-media Class system:
From the Study Center of Campus, workshops & training programs in various places of the country will be conducted at a time through online & multi-media classroom. This initiative will mitigate gaps of knowledge & skill between the youths of rural & urban areas.
Expansion of IT Knowledge Programs:
Workshops on Advanced Graphics Design & Animation will be organized to motivate students & youths to become more interested to the modern scientific knowledge.
Enhancement of Program on Legal-knowledge:
This training program on legal knowledge will be conducted to make people aware of their legal rights in day to day life.
Free Counseling Service:
Counseling will be provided to the frustrated, troubled, derailed and unemployed students & youths at free of cost. Modern library including e-library: Modern library facilities including e-library will be promoted to enhance reading habit among students & youths, to motivate them to gather knowledge on diverse issues. This will go a long way to build creative & trained leadership.
Making documentary and arranging free show:
To create public awareness against corruption, terrorism, drugs, violence against women & child and to understand problems in education, health, agriculture, democracy & human rights, various documentaries will be produced & displayed in urban & rural areas at free of cost.
Implementation of Campus Models, adopted for human development and the prosperity of the country:
i) Permanent solution of all national problems; modern development model; ii) Area-wise schooling; single solution of numerous national problems. Implementation of these 2 models is highly desirable.
10 years ago these 2 models were published in English & Bengali language and were brought to the knowledge of policymakers. The ultimate aim of Campus is the implementation of hundred years of cherished hope & aspiration of Bangladesh for achieving economic freedom and building of modern Bangladesh.