Opinions of National Important Personalities
on Campus Activities

Efforts of Campus to build Digital Bangladesh is highly appreciable. Campus is playing vital role in expanding computer education at the grassroot level and thus ensuring participation of people in e-Governance programs of the Government (March 2010)

Md. Abdul Hamid
The Then Speaker of National Parliament, At present Hon. President of Bangladesh

Campus is inspiring and encouraging students & youths in constructive social endeavors. The innovative steps taken by Campus for the development of quality education in the country are praiseworthy (May 2008)

Professor Dr. Iajuddin Ahmed
President of Bangladesh

The University Campus is dedicated to the development of education and youth. This publication is working as a bridge to enhance co-ordination, understanding and awareness among the teachers, students, guardians & politicians (Feb 1992)

Abdur Rahman Biswas
President of Bangladesh

Visionary Social Organizer Helal endeavours to build modern Bangladesh by publishing The University Campus and by establishing social organization like CSDC. In this way he also contributes to positive changes in the world (Oct 2009)

National Professor Kabir Chowdhury
Chairman, Committee on National Education Policy Formulation

I am hopeful to see that M. Helal, Editor of The University Campus is organizing students & youths and making them cultural-minded (1984)

Justice Abu Sayeed Chowdhury
Former President of Bangladesh, Chief Justice and Vice-Chancellor

Campus is working to build a just society and enlightened nation. In fact, Campus is very much performing our works i.e. Campus being dedicated for developing education and social welfare, is working like an associate of the Government (Sept 2009)

Md. Zillur Rahman
President of Bangladesh

I hope that the University Campus magazine will play a positive role to bring congenial environment in the education sector through their writings against terrorism and irregularities (Feb 1992)

Sheikh Hasina
Leader of the Opposition in National Parliament, At present Prime Minister of Bangladesh Govt.

The initiatives of the University Campus to raise consciousness of teachers, students & guardians in developing education and educational institutions are praiseworthy (Feb 1992)

Begum Khaleda Zia
Prime Minister of Bangladesh Govt.

Campus is moving our country forward with its dynamic activities. Participation of Campus in nation building activities has flared new hopes & inspiration to all (Dec 2009)

Architect Yeafesh Osman
State Minister, Science and ICT Ministry

Campus is playing the prime role in creating enlightened nation by transforming talented insolvent youths to skilled manpower. Besides, Campus is proved to be the lamp of building creative nation through mind control and other innovative programs (March 2010)

Chief Justice Mohammad Fazlul Karim

Campus is rendering timely responsibility by organizing free computer training for the students & youths. This is indeed a generous effort of the Campus (April 2007)

Former Chief Justice Mostafa Kamal

The University Campus is giving relentless efforts to improve the environment of education and educational institutions. In particular, this is working to motivate students, teachers, guardians regarding their responsibilities to achieve this goal (Feb 1992)

Sheikh Razzak Ali
Speaker of National Parliament

Campus is exemplary to others in case of expansion of Information Technology. Even before us Campus started the Digital Bangladesh Program in 2004. The programs of Campus are undoubtedly a value-added service (March 2010)

Prof. Dr. Alauddin Ahmed
Education Advisor to Prime Minister

Campus is relentlessly working for quality education and building high quality educational institutions in the country. (August 2004)

Dr. Hannan Firoz
Founder President, Stamford University

Campus is engaged in building dynamic people with human values. Various activities of this organization are creating patriotic, diligent & enlightened citizen (Sept 2010)

Abul Mal Abdul Muhith
Finance Minister

Campus is a dedicated organization in establishing social justice in real sense. They are setting incomparable example in eradicating class discrimination and establishing social rights. Thus it is a role-model for creating enlightened nation. Campus is an inspiring organization (Sept 2010)

Prof. Dr. Gowher Rizvi
International Advisor to Prime Minister

Campus is delivering creative development ideas to the country and the nation. Success embraces one who takes the right path. Campus is a glaring example of the same (Decm 2013)

Barrister Nazmul Huda
Former Minister

Campus is giving modern education & training, which will enable students & youths to reach the peak of success. Campus activities are really exceptional amidst self-centered attitude prevailing in the society (June 2015)

Prof. Dr. Mahmud Hasan
President, Bangladesh Medical Association

Various creative programs of Campus enable the youths to dream big and gradually transform those dreams to reality. These programs are truly aiding the youths to become enthusiastic & endeavoring (August 2002)

Abdul Matlub Ahmad
Industrialist. Presently President, FBCCI

The goal of campus is to build a nation, where all are able to get proper education and training for their livelihood. Therefore, activities of Campus are inspiring and should be followed by others. The working arena of Campus is vast & wide in context of quality education (July 2010)

Nurul Islam Nahid
Education Minister

Campus has always worked with responsibility for building the nation and ignite patriotism among youths. The stickers of Campus are embodied with the slogans of the callings of time. Those revolutionary slogans have been motivating people to become honest & patriot (August 2009)

Rashed Khan Menon MP
President, Bangladesh Workers Party

Campus is an exceptional organization of generating new ideas. By providing various trainings at free of cost, Campus is building a modern society, which practices proactive & positive attitude & knowledge. These education & training programs are definitely exerting unforgettable impacts on national development (June 2010)

Hasanul Huq Enu MP
President, JSD; Presently Information Minister

Campus is a dynamic workshop & training center for the development of the country and the nation. Campus is a place of learning, a place of gathering knowledge, a place of offering & receiving love. The 40 years of advancement of Campus has accomplished 400 years of works for the nation (July 2015)

Dr. Alamgir Moti
Herbal Researcher & Physician

Campus is moving forward with multi-dimensional nation-awakening programs. It may be ascertained that modern & welfare-thought of Campus has touched the hearts of students & youths of the country (July 2012)

Emeritus Professor Dr. Anisuzzaman
President, Bangla Academy

Campus is forwarding with its own speed setting examples to face the challenges of 21st Century. Editor of Campus, M Helal has been performing social & humanitarian works since his student life in Dhaka University. His endeavours in the field of social development is undeniable (July 2007)

Prof. Dr. Abdul Mannan Chowdhury
Vice Chancellor, World University

Campus is forwarding with special initiatives for social development and inspiring the nation. Their programs are voluntary in nature, which are not aimed at profit-making. This organization is giving real efforts in building enlightened nation and a rich country (June 2011)

Md. Shafiul Islam (Mohiuddin)
President, BGMEA

It is difficult to discover an organization like Campus, which is beating the bush at their own cost. The programs of Campus are set in such way that the participants can remain healthy both physically & mentally. Campus has set an example that it is possible even to remove a tumor with mental power only (May 2012)

M Safiq Ullah
Director, NSI

Different free services rendered by Campus are amazing, as the concept of free service is new in the society. Visionary M. Helal is building the Campus as an imitable model. Campus is spreading the light of education, making competent leadership for running the country (January 2014)

National Professor Dr. Shahla Khatun

Campus is conducting multi-dimensional programs for human development and social welfare. These are essential for the country and the nation. Everybody takes from society, but Campus is selflessly offering services to the society. Campus not only issues certificates, but also trains up youths to change their mentality (April 2011)

Suraiya Begum
Secretary, Cultural Ministry (At present Secretary to Prime Minster)

Initiatives of Campus in the development of the country and awakening the nation are really commendable. Campus is working on a number of nationally important issues. Campus has long been silently performing those works which are expected from a welfare state. On that ground Campus could be called a Shadow-Government (April 2010)

Professor Mostafa Kamal
Senate Member, Dhaka University

There is unfathomable acceptibiility of life-oriented activities of Campus. Campus is building the new generation as superior human being (Feb 2014)

Farzana Chowdhury
CEO, Green Delta Insurance

Campus is a unique organization to generate hope & inspiration to take forward nation-building activities in Bangladesh. It is a platform of creative works and exclusive programs. Campus has long been working under the leadership of M. Helal in the field of development of education and social welfare. Such effort to awake the society and the nation is worth-noted for admiration (August 2009)

Dr. Wali Tasar Uddin MBE
Honorary Consul General of Bangladesh in Scotland

The chief of Campus M. Helal is a good-natured & upright person. His talent & patriotism is unparalleled. He is working hard both personally & institutionally to build advanced nation by practicing ideology & honesty (Oct 2013)

Md. Badiuzzaman
Chairman, Anti-Corruption Commission

I am amazed to see the festoons of Campus to eradicate the poverty of thought. We should get rid of the poverty of thought by responding to the call of Campus. Only at that stage the building of enlightened nation would be possible (March 2009)

M A (Rumee) Ali
Chairman, BRAC Bank

Campus has taken the noble responsibility of igniting hidden intellect of students & youths and making them Global Youth Generation. I’m impressed with such initiative of Campus for development of our country & arousing the nation ( 2016)

Md. Nojibur Rahman
Chairman, National Board of Revenue

Campus is an ideal & exemplary organization to sensitize the society in upholding moral values. Under the leadership of M. Helal Campus is advancing their movement to change the entire society and letting the society to dream big. If Bangladesh had 50 such Helal, the advancement of country would be manifold (June 2014)

Prof. Farid uddin Ahmed
President, Dhaka University Teachers’ Association

Efforts of Campus in building a just & knowledge-based society and enlightened nation have made me hopeful. Campus wants to establish justice in the society (June 2011)

Prof. Dr. Shafique Ahmed Siddique
Chairman, BBR, Dhaka University

Campus is a workshop of making good quality citizens. So we all should help Campus at the level best and take forward the nation-awakening programs of Campus (August 2014)

Khairul Majid Mahmud
President, Dhaka Club

Role of Campus in spreading quality education is quite distinct. The protesting voice of Campus against bribery-corruption, terrorism, copying & smoking always remains loud and explicit from Teknaf to Tetulia (June 2013)

Prof. Dr. AYM Abdullah
Chairman, Northern University

What is good, is the light of Campus. Campus is performing all its activities with honesty. For this reason their advancement is accurate; success is remarkable (Nov 2012)

Azam J Chowdhury
Chairman, Prime Bank

Campus is an exceptional organization. Various programs conducted by Campus are registering positive achievements in the society. The news magazine University Campus is rendering immense help to the students & youths by publishing reports on all associated to education and educational organizations of the country. Campus is our organization, a rare platform of human development (Feb 2006)

Nasir A Chowdhury
Chairman, Bangladesh Insurance Association

Campus is such an organization, which teaches students & youths the fundamental lessons of achieving success in life. Those are physical fitness, mental power, path to economical soundness and social networking. Programs of Campus encompass these four fundamental issues, which are essential for creating successful citizen and a developed nation (May 2015)

Dr. Zaid Bakht
Chairman, Agrani Bank

Campus has set a rare example in building the society; also taken strong position against corruption. Campus is creating people of special quality by conducting diverse programs (Feb 2016)

M Sahabuddin Chuppu
Commissioner, Anti-Corruption Commission

The way adopted by Campus in awakening the society and the country has registered rare example. Bangladesh would have not been so lagging behind if some more organizations were active like Campus (March 2011)

Mohd. Noor Ali
Founder, The Westin Dhaka and Unique Group