Goal and Objectives of
Campus Social Development Center

To build knowledge-based just society & enlightened nation
And to establish transparency, accountability & good governance in all spheres of the Society.

1. To work for development of quality education and congenial environment of education;
2. To work for youth development and grooming honest, competent & patriotic leadership for the nation;
3. Advancement of multi-dimensional training on Information Technology for developing a modern, science-oriented skilled manpower;
4. To build up healthy, diligent, productive & creative nation;
5. To motivate people in avoiding negative or reactive thoughts & ideas and culturing proactive & positive attitude;
6. Work for creating congenial environment to fight corruption, establish social-justice and build a welfare state;
7. Work to alleviate distress & vulnerability created by natural and man-made causes; sustainable rehabilitation of victims; And transform the poor into active citizens & national-asset;
8. To work for mitigating discrimination between rich & poor;
9. To take other necessary initiatives for establishing transparency, accountability & good governance in the society;
10. To take other appropriate measures time to time for establishing knowledge-based, just society & enlightened nation.