Dynamic Computer Training Course Curriculum

Now-a-days, computer skill has become the basic prerequisite for achieving a successful and modern life. The knowledge of computer improves the efficiency of employed persons, while acts as a necessary qualification for unemployed ones to get good jobs. Computer skills increases scopes of getting jobs and thus help unemployed persons to move out of the clutch of unemployment and poverty. The difference between a person having computer skill and the one lacking this skill is continuously rising. Therefore, computer skill is a must for modern youths. Moreover, those who remain at home, especially women, can become connected with the whole world through computer. e-mail, net-phone, instant message sending possibilities etc.
In her current state of development, Bangladesh needs greater number of skilled citizens to achieve higher economic growth. Computer education can play a vital role to build such skilled human resource. Bangladesh will fall behind many of her neighboring countries because of the lack of adequate manpower with computer skills. In this era of globalization sustainable development of Bangladesh depends a lot on how far we can make our human resource linked to the world development path. To achieve our development goal, we need easy access to computer education for all.
In a least developed country like Bangladesh the major part of the population lack the financial ability to buy or learn computer. At this backdrop, Campus Social Development Center (CSDC) initiated a computer training center, where insolvent and meritorious individuals, mainly the youths get the opportunity to learn computer at free of cost. This training center came into being in 2004 to provide a 4-week long consolidated course on basic computer knowledge, use of office software and use of e-mail and internet. Up to August 2007 around 1500 youths have received training under this program.
Every month 2 batches are trained. Each batch contains around 25 students computerizing both males and females. Each batch receives 8 theoretical lectures and 8 practical classes. During the theoretical lectures, the trainees are given lecture sheets. During the practical class hands-on computer training is given during the practical classes.

Future plan
After the successful implementation of the porposed project, CSDC aims to achieve the followings;
1. Expand of the programme to all upazillas of Lakshmipur and Shriatpur then to rural areas of other districts.
2. Enrich the nation with advance thoughts of science & technology through the spread of computer knowledge within 5 years.
3. To provide the rural people with the knowledge on effective farming, health care, gender issues, rights etc. This will be done with multimedia presentations in every training center.
4. Initiate various social awareness program to inspire people to establish truth, justice and confidence in all spheres of life.
5. Build unity among the youths to encourage them to participate in social development activities.
6. By initiating all these program CSDC will move forward with its ultimate goal of establishing a knowledge-based and culturally developed Bangladesh.